Summer-winter access - Hospice du Petit Saint-Bernard
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Summer-winter access

Accessibility of the hospice

The Col du Petit Saint Bernard is closed in winter because it is very snowy.

It is open to vehicles from the beginning of June until the first snowfall in November.

Find out about the opening dates before going up in June or November. Opening of the Col du Petit Saint-Bernard check on the website

At the beginning of June, the Savoyard and Aosta Valley snowplows meet to meet at the pass and allow it to open. The walls of snow are sometimes impressive.

In winter, the road is closed on the French side at the exit of the resort of La Rosière and on the Italian side it becomes a ski slope which joins the resort of La Thuile. It is not safe to venture alone on these roads in winter, especially on the French side.

If you want to reach the pass in Winter, you have to take the ski lifts.

The hospice is 1km below the Bellecombe ski lift and 1.6km from the Piccolo San Bernardo chairlift on the Italian side. The hospice is closed in winter.