Randonnées Petit Saint-Bernard, randos au col du Petit Saint-Bernard 73
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Hiking circuits

Discover the Col du Petit Saint-Bernard on foot

The Petit Saint Bernard pass offers many hiking trails. Discover them!

Little Saint Bernard discovery trail

About 2200m


From 1h to 3h

Low elevation

Little Saint Bernard discovery trail: an easy 2.5-hour route crosses the pass and allows you to discover all the Roman remains, the alpine garden, the hospice, the customs buildings, as well as the remarkable wetlands. More information on the Petit Saint-Bernard discovery trail .

The bottomless lake

2456 meters



400 meters

The bottomless lake (2456m): a beautiful 3h hike (round trip) that leads through pastures to a beautiful mountain lake. Detailed info here .

Longet Lake

2316 meters



163 meters

Lake Longet 2316 meters
From the end of the Hospice car park, follow the path that passes behind the Chapel, the Chanousia garden to join the Lac Longet trail. Arrived at the lake either you return by the same route or starting due west at the end of the lake you join the track which runs along the stream of Bellecombe and the Sarde way, from this point, on the right you arrive at the Hospice. Vertical drop 163 meters. 2h15 round trip

The Belvedere Tower

2641 meters



488 meters

The Belvedere Tower 2641 meters
Same route to Lac Longet: from the end of the Hospice car park follow the path that passes behind the Chapel, the Chanousia garden to join the Lac Longet trail. At this point go left to join the ski slope follow it to the right then after a curve go up the small valley on the left until the arrival of the San Bernardo chairlift, follow the ski slope then by a path which passes next to the barracks in ruins at the top of the Belvedere. At this point descend to the arrival of the Belvedere chairlift. The track then a path on the ridge (9b and 9) to the Col de Fourclaz. Return to the pass by following the track to the left. Vertical drop 488 meters. 4 hours round trip

The col de la Traversette

2383 meters



225 meters

The Col de la Traversette 2383 meters
From the pass, join the Sarde route, follow it to the start of the Traversette chairlift and go up the ski slope to the Col de la Traversette. are on the ruins of the Sardinian redoubt. Height difference 225 m. 3h15 round trip. Easy. Splendid panorama.

Walk up to the pass from the valley (Haute-Tarentaise side)

2188 meters

good walkers


800 meters

It is possible to walk up to the Petit Saint-Bernard pass from the valley, taking the Roman road, a historic path that linked Vienna to Milan. Difficult. 6 hours round trip.
From the parking lot in the village of Saint-Germain, go up the street next to the chapel and take the Roman road on your left. In the village of Les Chavonnes, follow the direction of the Petit Saint-Bernard hospice. After crossing Le Pontet, take the path on the left under the national road, towards the Hospice du Petit Saint-Bernard. Once at the Col, follow the road and pass in front of the Hospice du Petit Saint-Bernard and the Joux column. To go to the border, take the discovery trail on the Hospice plateau. For the descent, follow the same route as for the ascent. More information here.