Exhibitions - Hospice du Petit Saint-Bernard
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The different rooms and exhibitions

The hospice has very large volumes and many rooms.

The permanent exhibition

A room of permanent exhibition on the history of the pass,of the hospice, on< strong> the geography and the traditions of our valleys of Tarentaise and Valdigne. It adjoins the reception area, where the hostesses of the Haute-Tarentaise tourist office provide information all summer long from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Temporary exhibitions

A temporary exhibition hall, located on the ground floor, can accommodate temporary exhibitions. It has already made it possible to host, in particular, an exhibition on SAMIVEL, another on food produced by the student artists of Florence Régnault in Montméry in partnership with artists from the Aosta Valley, a exhibition on pilgrimages and pilgrims through the ages…


This year, we welcome the paintings of Jacquelines SUJDOVIC, who paints mountain flowers on slates.

Inauguration of the exhibition "the kitchen in all its states" in 2015, with the students of the workshop of Florence Régnault and an association of Valdotain artists, on the occasion of the universal expo in Milan whose theme was " feed the planet"
Expo dedicated to pilgrimages and pilgrims in 2016
Expo 2015 "cooking in all its forms"

“European Space”

A large Reception room, the European space, located on the top floor, offers large volumes on a beautiful surface and allows organize seminars, banquets, meetings and all other cultural activities.


Do not hesitate to contact us for rent it.

The weather tower exhibit

The Weather Tower complements the building’s exhibits, with very interestingpanels illustrating the complicated weather of these places.


The top of this tower leads to a terrace which offers an aerial view of the surroundings.