Who are we ? - Hospice du Petit Saint-Bernard
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Who are we ?

Petit-Saint-Bernard Association

The association thanks all the photographic contributors to this site, and more particularly René MUGNIER and Jean-Luc PENNA.

His origin

It was created in 1993 to oppose the demolition of the Hospice building.

It is non-profit, governed by the French law of 1st July 1901.

It is managed by a board of directors, all of whose members are volunteers.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, the General Council of Savoie, the Community of Communes of Haute-Tarentaise (CCHT), the communes of Séez and la Thuile as well as a representative of the Aosta Valley civil society are members by right of board of directors.

It is officially registered in the Official Journal of 27/07/1994.

Its purpose

  • Save and restore the Hospice building.
  • Bringing together and coordinating public and private initiatives.
  • Find the necessary funding.
  • Participate in the new life of the renovated building.

His actions

  • She developed and defended the restoration project in 1993, in close collaboration with local authorities and elected officials at the time: Michel Barnier, President of the General Council of Savoy and SIVOM of Haute Tarentaise, Pino Vauterin, mayor of La Thuile, Olivier Arpin, mayor of Séez.
  • It is participating in the execution of the first phase of the works.
  • It participates in the operation, animation and promotion of the renovated building. (Example: she manages the Point Accueil Information in 1995 and 1996)
  • Its financial contribution to the project is €150,000 for a total amount of €2,300,000
  • She obtained for her actions, in 1998, the “Savoie Tradition Vivante” prize and, in 2004, the “Saint-Bernard” award
  • She took charge of the realization and the financing of the spiritual place, an integral part of the initial project

Its financial resources

  • The contributions of its members.
  • The sales of published works (brochures, booklets, hiking sheets, etc.).
  • The participation of its partners (sponsors, patrons, various donations, etc…).

(The association has been recognized as being of general interest by the tax authorities since May 1999. Thus financial participations are tax deductible.)

His hopes

As for the next future she counts:

  • Continue to be fully involved in the operation and animation of the renovated part of the building open to the public;
  • Create a library in the hosting area;
  • Participate in the overall animation of the pass of the Petit-Saint-Bernard;
  • Participate in the reflection around the future of the unrenovated part of the building;
  • Create and develop the website dedicated to the hospice.

Join the Petit-Saint-Bernard Association



Download the < strong>membership and donation form here, print it, then once completed, return it to the following postal address: “Association du petit Saint Bernard, 8 rue St Pierre, 73700 SEEZ”. Membership fee: €20.

Petit-Saint-Bernard Association 8 rue Saint-Pierre 73700 SEEZ

Association law 1901 –JO of 20.07.1994- recognized as being of general interest

CCP 273390W Grenoble